Greater Toledo Pool District

Website Proposal

The Proposal

This proposal is for the redesign of the current website for the Greater Toledo Pool District.

The new website will use a fresh and exciting new WordPress based Divi theme that is easily customized.

There will be a maximum of 12 pages created, if that many are needed.

Current content will be migrated.



  • Redesign the framework of the website providing better communication, information and education to the public
  • Make the site more appealing so that the public will be more inclined to visit the pool
  • Showcase lessons and community events available at the pool 
  • Promote partnership programs (e.g. kayaking and scuba classes) to prospective attendees, parents and individuals 
  • Generate increased visits to the website for grant funding opportunities
  • District’s community involvement
  • Increase two way communication with the public and improve customer service 


  • Project will start within two weeks of written agreement between both parties


  • You get our personal passion all in on this project and the full creative efforts of our team.
  • We only take projects that align with our core values.
  • Because of our commitment to your project, you will receive a degree of dedication and purpose that goes above and beyond to make your projects successful




Add-Ons To Consider

  •  Social Media Links
  • Online Forms
  • Newsletter PopUp
  • Website Maintenance
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • Website Security/Virus protection
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Site Backups



First, we want to thank you for reaching out to us and the help you have already given us to prepare this proposal.  Your continued help will be crucial in making this project a success.

The next step is to discuss any questions you have. You can contact us through email at or phone 503-779-6218.

We are looking forward to working together to help get the word out about the Greater Toledo Pool District.

Note:  There is a 25% deposit required before work can begin.


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